I love my husband … but


I love my husband … but

I need to start this article with that statement in case you get the wrong impression with everything else I am going to say.

There are so many super awesome fashion blogs out there that brag about their husbands being their photographer.

(you know where this is going …)

Unfortunately, I have erased all of the pictures of my feet.  Yes, my feet …. I wish I would have kept all of these pictures so I could prove that I am not making this up!   I had so many bad pictures to share with you it hard to pick one.

On vacation, in Charleston, SC, we happened to find this amazing backdrop on some random street.  WOW … it matches my necklace, my purse … this is just going to be perfect.   This is going to be my moment, maybe this picture will look like it could be on Atlantic-Pacific or Pink Peonies blogs.


pippa blog

really … PLEASE … NO I don’t want the fence to show.

pippa style

I don’t want it shot from beneath me, it makes my face look huge.

pippa outfit

oh my goodness I wish a stranger would walk by to take this damn picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are now into this with about 50 photo’s and not ONE is worthy of putting on the blog.   NOT ONE SINGLE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pippa cashmere sweater


pippa necklace

Want to see my mad face …

pippa mad

Plus we need to take this FAST, I am sitting on the doorstep of a brownstone that someone lives in.

Never mind ….   Lets just go!

Now we are at the park …

charleston, sc

please just take the picture.

pippa beach

OK, now … the wind died down.

 pippas blog



Now I am just tired, I didn’t realize this would be so difficult!

I will tell you about my outfit was because I CAN NOT show you with a decent picture.


  • Michael Kors Down Jacket:  $  1.00
  • Cashmere Sweater:     $5.99
  • Pleather Skirt:     $6.99
  • TOTAL:    $13.98

This is one of my favorite cold weather outfits … it is soooo warm!

I will probably no longer be in pictures.  I am the official photographer, he is not.

Did I mention that I love my husband!

He is not a great photographer but he is my biggest fan!











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