I love thrifting and I really look forward to my time with Jen but, all this time I spend in thrift shops and all the incredible things that I find has created a small issue … I have piles everywhere!    I would love to show you a picture but I like to think they are “disguised”.

Piles in the office, piles in the laundry room, and my guest room was lost months ago (I just hope my husband never goes in that room)!!!

Thank god my daughter moved to college to free up a little more real estate  to my minor hoarding issues (in my husbands own words)

I really  don’t worry about it very much.  You know, out of sight out of mind.   I have even labeled some of the piles (thats soooo Pippa!)  My most creative label is the ebay pile.  What are the chances I am going to put any of this stuff on ebay???  Shhhhhh,  my husband is buying that for now!!!!!

Anyway, I am too busy going and finding fabulous things for a little bit of nothing and having a blast doing it.  Isn’t that what it’s all about.  It bothers me a little bit when everything starts to pile up. You know, not just the piles of clothes.  Sometimes, I get behind on other things like stuff with my kids, stuff with the house, and taking care of my husband.  When I put stuff off it tends to snowball on me  and I almost feel guilty dropping everything that is suppose to be important and go shop with Jen at our favorite thrift stores. (its all her fault :))   Don’t get me wrong, all that other stuff is important, but it’s just easier to deal with after I go thrifting.  Really, we all know that important stuff will still be there when we get back, it’s just easier to deal with after a great day of thrifting.  You know I am right.  If you don’t agree with me, you should try it.

Don’t you have a pile?  A pile of something?  Somewhere?

You know when I am in a better mood, it is so much easier to do the hard stuff.

Here is one of the latest finds that Jen and I have found:

One of the "Thrift Store Challenges" that we post on

One of the “Thrift Store Challenges” that we post on


  1. I have a pile of stuff that needs to be donated to the thrift store. Of course more stuff comes in than goes out. LOL!

  2. Oh, Pippa, I can relate all too well!! Especially with the husband’s comment on hoarding…I love all the awesome looks you find. I just recently did a pretty serious closet overhaul so, when you are ready, you will too. It’s also great to take those unused finds to a resale shop and walk out with cash in hand! Afterwards, I was “justified” to thrift some more:)

  3. You could have been writing about me; I am exactly the same way!! I’ve started a pile of things I would like to put on eBay, but first, I have to learn how to put them on eBay. Any suggestions on how to do that?

    • Lee Ann … ebay has an entire “Help” section or “wiki” how to do it. I use the ipad/iphone feature. I take pics and when I get a few minutes or watching TV I list stuff. Super easy! pipp

  4. Patti Buser says:

    I could have written that blog…I absolutely understand!!! When I need to de-stress, I thrift. When I have free time, I thrift. When I am happy, I thrift. When I am sad, I thrift. I love to thrift!! I GET IT!!! 😉 Through your blog, Pippa, you are reaching others who either already ‘get it’ or better yet, you are encouraging those with hesitations to try it. As for the ‘hoarding’; that is easy to get out of hand. My summer project was to learn to eBay. And I’m proud to say I DID!!! So now I can thrift absolutely GUILT FREE!!!!! 😉

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