Too Cheap Blondes featured on ABC “Stretch your Dollar”, tomorrow Nov 7th


We stood through a rain/lightening storm (Houston had 5 inches of rain the day we filmed) for this sale so I can’t wait to show you what we found!

  • Family Thrift Outlet
  • 12148 Gulf Freeway
  • Houston, TX

Tomorrow,  Thursday, Nov 7 @ 5:45am and 4:55pm / “ABC Stretch your Dollar” with Patricia Lopez.

Family Thrift Center Outlet store in Houston

Family Thrift Center Outlet store in Houston

I think these prices will help explain why there is a line out the door every Thursday morning.

  • Thursday:   $1.75
  • Friday:  $ 1.50
  • Saturday:   $1.25
  • Sunday:    $1.00
  • Monday:   $ .75
  • Tuesday:  $ .50
  • Wednesday:   $ .25

The race is on ….

Thrift store outlet in Houston

Thrift store outlet in Houston

You will love all the things "Too Cheap Blondes" found for ABC "Stretch your Dollar!"

You will love all the things “Too Cheap Blondes” found for ABC “Stretch your Dollar!”



  1. I ‘ld like to search for the best bogainst in houston

  2. hey Pippa, I have just started a thrift shop fashion blog so I was very excited to come across you blog & see what you had to oofer… my thruft shopping is on a much smaller scale as I am based in Ireland but its no less rewarding when a bargain is found. keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, you are so right! Finding a treasure is always rewarding. I stopped by your blog and left you a comment. I thought those bikini pics were you until I read at the end who she was 🙂 pippa

  3. I’m new to this area and would love to try out this thrift outlet store. However, I’m wondering if there’s a line out the door every day they open or how it works there. What is the best day to go? Is it like black Friday every day? 😉

    Thanks for any info you’ve got!

    • Hi Heather, I think the line out the door is only on Thursdays. We have visited on a Friday but we have not attempted the other days YET, but we are going to try a Wednesday (.25 day) soon!

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