Thrifted True Religion White Jeans ~ Such a Deal!!!!!!!!!


Thrift True Religion White Jeans only $9.99


Nordstroms for $196.00

Thrifted Old Navy Blouse & Leather Belt


True Religion White Jeans:  Thrifted, $9.99

Old Navy Pink & Green Striped Oxford Blouse:    Thrifted,   $5.99

Leather Belt:   Thrifted,  $2.99

TOTAL:           $18.97


I have to admit these PRISTINE white True Religion jeans were a FIND!!!!!!!!!    They were brand new … still had a stiff, unworn feeling.  Super Cute for Spring and Summer!

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Thrifted Old Navy Blouse & Leather Belt




  1. love the jeans! good job finding them(:
    Rawrs, Evey

  2. I love a girl who can rock a great find! Now if I could figure out a way for a pair to make their way into my closet! Thanks so much for stopping by today and leaving such a sweet comment! Now I have another cute spot to stop by and gain a little style inspiration!

  3. HOLY CRAP. How did you find those?!?! They fit like a freaking glove, it’s like you and them were just meant to be!! Seriously.

  4. WOW! What a steal!!! Love white jeans!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!!

  5. Wow! Those were a great find!

  6. You are one lucky girl!!!! I’m always amazed by the things people find in thrift stores! WHAT A STEAL!

    xo Rachel

  7. I love this look! The white pants look great with the pink stripes. Such a great pair of pants. Lucky!

  8. WHAAAAAAT?! that might be the best jean find i’ve ever heard of. AND they fit you SO well!! whoaly moly that is a STEAL girl!! and the outfit is a adorable!!

  9. What a great find!! this outfit is amazing!!!

  10. Brand new True Religion jeans…what a GREAT find!!!

  11. Those jeans are a really great thrift store find! It truly is amazing what turns up at these places. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting, I will definitely be subscribing and following you. One good thrifter loves another. You have a beautiful family and it is so great that they embrace the notion of thrifting. My daughter is 4 and thinks nothing of it…I was wondering if that would change as she gets older and there is peer pressure to dress a certain way. I think if I cultivate it in the correct way she will continue to see the fun and uniqueness of ( as she puts it) ” the store where there is just one-one-one of everything!” Happy thrifting, I can’t wait to see what else you find!

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