Dress Fun for 4th of July


Cute 4th of July Vests


Celebrate 4th of July!



Thrift Store Vest for only $5.99

Sequin Flag Vest, Thrifted …. $5.99

Red, White & Blue Hearts Vest,  Made with Love by Bonka (grandma)

Be looking now if you are planning on finding 4th of July clothing from a thrift shop!   As with any holiday, if you wait until the week before to find clothing related to that day, it’s usually all picked over.






The Southern Intitute


  1. SO fun! Perfect for the 4th!

  2. Dress Fun for 4th of July,lovely!!!!

  3. How festive!! So glad you linked up at our Patriotic Link-Up Party!

  4. Thanks for linking up. I love that one of your daughters appreciates repurposed clothes so that no one else will have her style. That is a great attitude to have.


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