Channelling FAV Bloggers Pink Peonies & Wendys Lookbook HOT $1695 Boots ~ Goodwill Thrifting!!

Channelling FAV Bloggers Pink Peonies & Wendys Lookbook HOT Givenchy $1695 Boots ~ Thrifted!

I have seen these incredible “fold-over” boots on two of my favorite bloggers:  Pink Peonies / Rachel Parcell and  Wendys Lookbook for the past 6 months!

SAVE OVER One Thousand Dollars by THRIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAVE OVER One Thousand Dollars by THRIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

So imagine my surprise while recently stepping into a Goodwill Thrift Store in Austin and seeing these BAD BOYS for only $9.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (not Givenchy but really … $1695.00 vs $9.99)

Goodwill HOT Boots!

Goodwill HOT Boots!


First of all someone else was trying them on,  I had to act all “cool” and completely uninterested because Honestly, all I could think about was two of my FAVORITE bloggers recently wearing these same boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (


Of course the SECOND she put them back on the shelf, I COULDN’T GET  OVER to them fast enough and the BEST part …. they are my size!!!!!!!

Oh yeah …. the NEXT best part …. they were ONLY $9.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These similar Givenchy Boots were Completely SOLD out at $1695 … original POST HERE

Givency $1695


Here are a few examples of this fashion forward boot:

Pink Peonies












  1. Which GW store? I’m in Austin. My faves are the Lakeway store and Rollingwood. Rollingwood is GW by Goodwill store. Nicer stuff a little pricier but good finds there!

  2. You are GOOD! I too have perfected the nonchalant sprint!!

  3. OMG are you kidding me!! That is such an awesome find!! Those boots are gorgeous!

    • Meredith ….. what size are you? I would love to do some type of collaboration with my thrifting and your bright colorful style!!!!!!!!!!!! pippa

  4. GREAT find!! I’m just not cool enough to pull this off but it looks so good!

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