Anthropologie and Banana Republic ~ Thrifted Style

Anthropologie and Banana Republic Cashmere ~ Thrifted Style

Cashmere Banana Republic, Anthropologie Skirt, Gap Denim Jacket ... all thrifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cashmere Banana Republic, Anthropologie Skirt, Gap Denim Jacket … all thrifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t you just love the bright contrasting colors of this outfit!  Plus the fact that we are combining a Banana Republic Cashmere Sweater, Gap Denim Jacket,  Anthropologie Skirt and Ross Clearance shoes for a total of $27.98 is AMAZING!


  • Banana Republic Cashmere sweater $5.99
  • Anthropologie Skirt  $5.99
  • Gap Jean Jacket  $7.00
  • Ross Shoes   $9.00  (not thrifted)
  • TOTAL:  $27.98


Anthropologie Skirt

Anthropologie Skirt

Gap, Banana Republic Cashmere and Anthropologie ... all THRIFTED!

Gap, Banana Republic Cashmere and Anthropologie … all THRIFTED!

Gap Jean Jacket!

Gap Jean Jacket!


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  1. Hi Pippa …the finds are amazing and so is the presenter 🙂 I wanted to write to you to thank you to encouraging me to start thrifting. I always thought places like Goodwill/salvation army have crappy used clothes and only meant for the less fortunate people. I always donated but never shopped there. I have been on a budget from last 10 years. I occasionally shopped in the mall during my student days (that too mostly sales) and even when I started working I still stuck to sales (well had the big loan to pay off). But in the last 2 years I have found new love for shopping and all things pretty. AND I have been shopping!! A lot!! Sometimes, I am ashamed of how my month end bill is on clothes. But I have been put on a budget since Jan again, bz we bought a house. But what to do with my love for shopping and fashion. I came across your website while I was looking for some color combinations and read you FULL BLOG! I could not believe some one could find such amazing clothes in goodwill? It took me 3 months of constantly reading your blog to step in a goodwill. AND I AM GLAD I DID!! In the last 2 weeks I have gone shopping 4 times and spend $100 but guess what I got – 3 silk dresses (1 banana republic and 1 Ann taylor) , 8 silk tops, 2 shirts (1 j crew), 2 cashmere sweaters (again j crew), 2 blazers (DKNY and banana republic), 2 purses (1 is Kate Spade) and 2 clutches and 1 stone bracelet. The banana republic dress alone is $100 in stores! You taught me the basics of thrifting and Thank you so much! You made me appreciate the importance of recycling and that I am a convert now. I will be packing half of my closet (stuff that does not fit me anymore or I am bored with) this weekend for donating, they need a new home. Love you blog and keep inspiring us 🙂

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