A Mother’s Love


Both Jen and I (of TooCheapBlondes) are mothers and we are blessed with mothers that love us very much.  Maybe a little too much.  You know how mothers say the darndest things or better yet no one says it better than mom.

Our moms have become our biggest supporters.  With this comes a little leeway to give us motherly advice.  I am all for getting help from wherever we can, but the timing is challenging sometimes.

When your mom tells you your hair might be a little too blonde an hour before you go on TV, the only thing you can say is “REALLY Mom”.  Jen’s mom suggested she wear more makeup, “you look a little washed out”.

My hair is darker and she has on more make up! :)

We listened to our mothers … my hair is darker and she has on more make up! 🙂

Now I know how the girls on tiarras and crowns feel.  Not that I am Honey Boo Boo or that I am saying my mom is anything like Honey Boo Boo’s mom, but I think we as moms struggle with saying the right thing and finding the perfect way to show support to our daughters.

We always mean well, but it is a struggle to not get in the middle of things sometimes.  My thirteen year old has me walk behind her so I don’t embarrass her and my nineteen year old text me all day trying to get me to come see her at college.  Every age has its issues between a mother and her daughter, I am just appreciative that my mom is such a big part of my life.

Here I am with my mom.  I am holding up a necklace that she had remade from a few of my Nana and her necklaces.  I LOVE this, it is so special to me!!!!

Here I am with my mom. I am holding up a necklace that she had remade this from a few necklaces that belonged to my Nana and one of her own.   I LOVE this, it is so special to me!!!!

So when you want to give that opinion, make that little comment, or share that constructive criticism, remember it is easier to give than receive.

Is this something that you ever struggle with?


  1. Melody Reyes says:

    Most definitely. .I also have a thirteen year old..everything I do is embarrassing to her. Trying to pick out clothes for her is a nightmare. .and of course. .she takes everything personal..so its hard to say things to her..

  2. I tend to think you are very close to perfect!

  3. I know the day I embarrass my kiddos is coming, so I’m cherishing every minute they still want me around all the time. Haha! I went through that with my mama and now we spend loads of time together!

  4. Found your website link on the Goodwill SA website. I do a little thrift shopping and have found a few treasures but not nearly as many as you have. I enjoyed looking through all your old postings. Looking forward to see you at your workshop. BTW do you have a pinterest account because the link from your website seems broken.

    • Hi Gloria! Thank you for the heads on the Pinterest link, I just fixed it. Please make sure you say hello on Saturday, I look forward to meeting you! pippa

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