Plaid Abercrombie Shirt is Comfortable yet has a Chic Look

This darling navy and white plaid Abercrombie shirt is comfortable yet still has a lot of style!

Boys Plaid Abercrombie shirt from Goodwill, $3.99

Thrift Plaid shirt paired with jeans & Sperry’s completes the look!


Shhhhh, don’t tell her this but I found this Abercrombie shirt is the “Boys” section at Goodwill.    I knew she would LOVE the navy & white plaid, plus it’s from one of her favorite stores … Abercrombie!

Such a deal at only $3.99





Have a Great Day!

Men’s and Women’s Thrift Shirts … only $4.99 for both!

Both of them are wearing a thrifted shirt!

 Men’s and Women’s Thrift Shirts … only $4.99 for both!

This TOMMY HILFIGER Shirt is from the Little Boys Department

Yellow Mens Button Down Shirt,  Thrifted ….. $1.00

Yellow Women’s Button Down Shirt, Thrifted ……..   $3.99

TOTAL …………………………………….  $4.99

I absolutely LOVE a button down shirt on both men and women!   They look comfortable but still have style.

The button down that the young lady is wearing was found in the Boys Department.   They have a lot more button down shirts to choose from then the Girls Department.   I just could not resist this yellow & white seersucker TOMMY HILFIGER shirt!


Yeah .... its Summer Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Makeover on a Thrifted Granny Purse … Looks just like Urban Outfitters Beaded Messenger Bag

BEFORE: Beaded Granny Purse


Great detail in these Beads .... I remember having a little beaded coin purse like this as a child!

AFTER: Beaded Messenger Bag

Beaded Purse, Thrifted …………  $2.99

Changing the strap on this purse made all the difference!   Memoe (grandma) used an old piece of braided cord for a longer strap.

WOW ….  Cute Bag!

Here is an almost identical purse that I found on Polyvore / URBAN OUTFITTERS!


Messenger bag

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