A Twist on Black Friday Shopping @ Goodwill Thrift Store in San Antonio

Close to Riverwalk … Goodwill Store in San Antonio

This year for Black Friday I decided to avoid the malls and go to a Goodwill Thrift Store in San Antonio.This location is within walking distance of the Riverwalk.

Christmas Wreath in Texas!

All the dresses were on SALE for .99!   Here is my cart ….

Shopping at San Antonio Goodwill Sale

I took pics of dresses and would text them to my girls to get a yes or no!Here are a few of the yes ..


Yes, but she wants to shorten it and belt it with a brown woven leather belt.

25 items for $46.75 … plus $3.80 tax = $50.55

I did get a few more items for $2.99, such as a J Crew sunny yellow cardigan, gorgeous champagne silk blouse, Christmas plaid vest and a pair of boots for $7.99!

I can’t wait to post these the next few weeks, so keep looking!

$7.99 Boots from San Antonio Goodwill

See Post about these boots … HERE

 I walked to this store and you do have to walk by quite a few homeless people to get there.  Carrying this HUGE plastic bag, on my way back to the hotel, I had families “shield” their kids from me (I was in work-out clothes) … ha ha ha … I found it quite funny that people assumed I had all my worldly belongings in that bag!

Goodwill Thrift Store SALE!

Effortless Style … Brown Leather Boots found at San Antonio Goodwill Thrift Store


On Black Friday this year I decided to avoid the mall and go Thrift Store Shopping at San Antonio Goodwill.   I found these darling brown leather boots for Abby!   I took a picture with my phone to verify with her that she liked them.  YES, she Loves them!!!   The boots were only $7.99.

$7.99 San Antonio Goodwill Thrift Store Boots

The blue and white pin-striped oxford shirt was also a Thrift Store find from Houston Goodwill.   It was $3.99 found in the boy’s section, she liked it because it is a little longer than the girls shirts.