Casual Everyday J Crew Banana Republic Style

Casual Everyday J Crew Style

This thrifted JCREW red "baby" corduroy is perfect for casual everyday style!

This thrifted JCREW red “baby” corduroy is perfect for casual everyday style!


This JCREW “baby” corduroy top is simple, comfortable yet perfect for everyday style!

Found at a Goodwill Thrift Store for only $5.99, just a fraction of the original price.

The leather belt is worn almost daily.

The Banana Republic rainboots are a bit more than I normally spend but considering they had not only the cool equestrian style but also the original price tag of $99 …. that justified the $19.99 price tag!


  • Red JCREW Cordoroy Top   (Goodwill) ……………. $5.99
  • Leather Belt  (Goodwill)  …………………..   $2.99
  • Banana Republic Rubber Boots  (Goodwill)    …………..   $19.99

Remember that EARTH DAY is April 22nd …

We can make a difference by RECYCLING, REUSING & DONATING!

JCREW top and Banana Republic Boots ... both found at a Goodwill Store!

JCREW top and Banana Republic Boots … both found at a Goodwill Store!

Remember to DONATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 22, 2013 is Earth Day


Earth Day ... April 22, 2013

Earth Day … April 22, 2013


That Old Thing gets Repurposed


This leopard piece of fabric has been in a closet for over 15 years! Added some heavy bouillon fringe and WOW!!!


This leopard scrap of fabric has been with me for over 15 years!  I found it in a clearance bin for about $5.   It is a very heavy cotton, almost like denim, perfect to cover an ottoman or part of a chair …. I just never found an item to recover!   So this has been in a box in the closet, waiting for a purpose.   It has lived both in Oregon and in Texas the past 10 years. This year while spring cleaning the closet, I decided to do something with it or get rid of it!

My mom added this gorgeous, heavy bouillon fringe and I am in LOVE with this table topper!!!   I am quite happy that I stuck with that old thing all these years!


I love how this fabric drapes off the of the table!


BEFORE: Black Leather Table Runner


The Candlesticks are from a Thrift Store. They were bright white and I painted them a flat gold and then aged them by rubbing a dark brown paint into the crevices.


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Scored on a $1.00 Men’s Thrift Shirt!


Thrift Store Score ... $1.00 Men's Shirt


Having Fun!!!!!!

Heavy Cotton Turquoise Shirt,  Thrifted   ……….  $1.00

I recently came upon a huge sale at a local thrift store … EVERY SHIRT IN THE ENTIRE STORE ONLY $1.00!!!

My girls like to wear men’s shirts also but I gave him first choice being the men’s sections is about 1/5 the size of women’s clothing in any Thrift Store.


This Turquoise Heavy Cotton Shirt looks great with Bright Colored Shorts!

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