Why did I buy that dress? HIT or MISS?

Why did I buy that dress?  HIT or MISS?

I recently found this VITTADINI dress at a Thrift Store Outlet store for $1.75 and had the hardest time making a decision to buy it!

I was drawn to the vivid colors, detailed pattern and luxurious craftsmanship but it is a Very 80’s style dress.   Maybe I saw it in the 80’s, loved it but couldn’t afford it?    Did I see it on TV or a magazine?

OK, OK … I know, its only $1.75 yet I still don’t want to spend money on things I won’t wear.

Finally I made the decision to buy it, I just couldn’t leave it in the store!

Then I saw a picture I had pinned on Pinterest, from Atlantic/Pacific blog (one of my favorites!) and then I knew why I had bought this dress!   Here is the outfit that was my inspiration for the dress …   I LOVE it and will add a navy or red cardigan over the dress!  

What do you think?  HIT or MISS?Blair Eadie, with Atlantic Pacific Blog and my thrift store "copy-cat" version

Blair Eadie, with Atlantic Pacific Blog and my thrift store “copy-cat” version





  1. Christie says:

    Cute! I can’t wear heels so I would pair it with Tiffany blue Tieks.

  2. I like it. How about a striped cardigan? Go nautical.

  3. Love it, great find and lots of possibilities. Cardigan in one accent color, big bead jewelry in another!

  4. Total hit!

  5. Definitely a hit. Soooo many possibilities for this one!

  6. Ummm yes please!! Love it!!

  7. Definitely a hit….When you tire of the dress you could even have it altered to a cute top with a peplum perhaps!!!!! Especially love the price ( BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN)

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