Thrifted … Pink Peonies Copy-Cat Style with Preppy Feminine Details $206.94 Retail … Thrift shop for only $28.96!

Today we are linking up with  Simply Sarah, and the theme is “Blogger Copycats“.   She has asked that we take an outfit from another blogger and recreate the style!

The first blog that I check everyday is PinkPeonies and when I saw this “feminine details” outfit it was my recipe for my next thrift store adventure!

Here is our thrifted version of her outfit ….


Preppy Thrifted Style $28.96 TOTAL (sweater, blouse, shorts & shoes!)




Thrift Tommy Hilfiger Seer-Sucker Shorts (lined) only $5.99!



Thrifted BRAND NEW Navy Patent Leather / Leather Soled Shoes only $9.99 … CUTE!!!


Thrift for Name Brand Clothes at a Fraction of the Original Price


Hot Pink Ann Taylor Summer Cardigan Sweater:   Thrifted,    $5.99

White Cotton GAP Blouse:    Thrifted,   $6.99

Tommy Hilfiger Striped Seer-Sucker Lined Shorts:    Thrifted,   $5.99

Navy Patent Leather Shoes / Leather Sole:  Thrifted,   $9.99

TOTAL:          $  28.96

Remember while thrifting, it is always better to go for a higher end name brand item.  Here is an approximate list of what we would have paid retail for these same things …..  (click on the links to see the item in stores NOW!)

TOTAL RETAIL PRICE ………………………   $206.94

We SAVED $177.98

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  1. I need to show P*ige this. love the outfit.

  2. Oh my gosh….I loved this outfit on Rachel’s blog but I love your “copycat” style just as much (maybe even more since you thrifted nearly every piece!) Well done…just beautiful 🙂
    XO – Marion

    • Thank you Marion! Coming from you thats a HUGE compliment! We have a few more copycats to post … one from Wendy’s Lookbook and another from Atlantic/Pacific … all thrifted!

  3. Fantastic job! Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Look that look! Savings are huge. Having teenagers to dress is outrageous done retail. Way to Go!

  5. Cute outfit at a great price! Love the pink cardigan!

  6. I LOVE Pink Peonies and thrifting! GREAT re-creation!!

  7. I am LOVING all of your thrift finds. You seriously scored. Great look!

  8. LOVE those shorts! Great find!!

  9. Great copycat version and I love how you broke down the pricing of what you would have paid retail. I LOVE thrifting!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too, fellow Oregonian 🙂


  1. Navy Patent Leather…

    […] that look! Savings are huge. Having teenagers to dress is outrageous done retail […]…

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