Thrift Shop Copycat Style of Feminine Details Outfit

Thrift Shop Copycat Style of Feminine Details Outfit

The first blog that I check everyday is, Rachel is definitely one of favorite fashion bloggers!  When I saw this “feminine details” outfit I knew it was my “recipe for my next thrift store adventure!  

Here is our thrifted version of her outfit ….    (original posted HERE)

Thrift Shop Copy of Pink Peonies "Feminine Detail Outfit"

Thrift Shop Copy of Pink Peonies “Feminine Detail Outfit”


Preppy Thrifted Style $28.96 TOTAL (sweater, blouse, shorts & shoes!)




Thrift Tommy Hilfiger Seer-Sucker Shorts (lined) only $5.99!



Thrifted BRAND NEW Navy Patent Leather / Leather Soled Shoes only $9.99 … CUTE!!!


Thrift for Name Brand Clothes at a Fraction of the Original Price


  • Hot Pink Ann Taylor Summer Cardigan Sweater: Thrifted, $5.99
  • White Cotton GAP Blouse: Thrifted, $6.99
  • Tommy Hilfiger Striped Seer-Sucker Lined Shorts: Thrifted, $5.99
  • Navy Patent Leather Shoes / Leather Sole: Thrifted, $9.99

TOTAL: $ 28.96

Remember while thrifting, it is always better to go for a higher end name brand item. Here is an approximate list of what we would have paid retail for these same things ….. (click on the links to see the item in stores NOW!)


We SAVED approximately $177.98


  1. Beautiful outfit and you look soooo adorable!! The combination of pink and gray is always chick and elegant!

  2. I LOVE how you recreated this outfit from thrifting. I need to get better at thrifting!

  3. Well done! You’ve made this look your own and you look so pretty. Now, I want to check out more of your blog. It looks like there is a team effort going on here, and I love that!

    Sue xo

  4. Great look! I love thrift shops! You can find the best stuff for the best price! I’m stoping by from Real Girl Style!

  5. Super cute! I love the seersucker pedal pushers! Thanks for linking up to my Pin Me Party!

  6. Patti Buser says:

    Omg…I just discovered your blog last night and was so excited I almost couldn’t sleep! You ‘get’ what I’ve been preaching for so long!! Thrifting is not ‘dirty’…au contrare! It can be very classy and is extremely addictive and fun!!! I’m so glad I’ve found a kindred spirit….

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