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“Shop with Pippa” is about finding good deals, whether they be from a Thrift Store, Dollar Store, Department Store or Garage Sale, then incorporating your newest finds with things you already have.   You can develop a signature style with little money yet lots of taste.

This blog is a collaborative effort!   I, Pippa, do the shopping and the girls model the clothing (and sometimes my son).



As my youngest daughter recently told me she loved her clothes from the thrift store because “No one can copy my style”!

Shirt $3.99, Skirt $3.99, Boots $7.99

2 words that I try to incorporate on a daily basis into our lives are repurposed and upcycling.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Repurposed: to give a new purpose or use to  / Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

This concept is something that I strongly believe in!   Second-hand items are a form of recyling, we also donate to thrift stores on a consistent basis.   I have also repurposed a few other things in my life:

I have a Repurposed husband!   I have found a treasure in my husband Bryan.  He is my biggest supporter and my best friend!

(plus he is proud of me and the ways that I have found to save money!)

Bryan & Pippa Wedding

I have a Repurposed home!   After looking at homes for several years, we decided to go with an older home that had the “bones” we were looking for and was very expensive to recreate in a new home.   Every single inch was repainted and new lights installed (old lights were either donated to charity or Repurposed in another home).


This was the only thing that I asked my husband for!!!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!


I have a Repurposed dog!   This 4 year old little guy joined our home a few weeks ago.  The lady who owned him passed away several months ago and the husband felt like the dog needed to be in an active yet loving home.   I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog and we are growing to love him more and more each day!

I even have a Repurposed car!

Dumpster Diving (Repurposing Rugs)

Where did you get the name Pippa?”  This is the most asked question in my life, that is until Pippa Middleton’s white dress at the Royal Wedding in 2011.

Princess Kate & Pippa Middleton

My hippie parents lived in Oregon and they named me after Robert Browning’s Poem “Pippa Passes”.

Still married after 40+ years … LOVE you Mom & Dad!!!!

When I was in 3rd grade, my dad went to Ireland and brought me back a “Princess Pippa” doll!   She was a tiny Barbie, with a flowing green sparkly dress and long hair to her ankles (which I brushed until her hair fell out)  … I thought she was the prettiest doll I had ever seen, plus the only other Pippa I had heard of.

Princess Pippa Doll

When I was 18, while using my Nordstrom card, the cashiers were extremely excited when they saw my name, they rushed me over to the cosmetic counter to meet my first Pippa ever!  Actually she is the only other Pippa I have met.
My mother was a perfect example of how to stretch a dollar, she sewed, took us thrift store shopping, search for great bargains at retail stores and can repurpose almost anything.   (Her artisian style jewelry & Swarovski Belt Buckles sold on Etsy/Pippa style)

ETSY Store: Pippastyle

ETSY Shop: Pippastyle ….. Pirates Chest Belt Buckle

My Nana was my fashion Icon!   She owned a dress store “The Little French Shop”, had a real leopard coat (before they were illegal) drove a yellow Plymouth Barracuda with daisies on both the hardtop & interior and always had this incredible sense of style!  I remember thinking … “No one else has flowers all over the top of their car :)”
 As a child I would dress up in her Hollywood style gowns that she had kept from the 30’s & 40’s.   She always had an enormous stack of Boutique catalog’s, I would find dresses I liked, but were completely out of our budget and my mom would sew a similar one.

Nana & Papa

Its always interesting to go to a Thrift Store with the girls, they never fail to find things that I would have NEVER picked out but it looks adorable on them.   The girls even help me shop while they are at school, I will send them pics with my phone and they give a yes or no!





I am truly blessed and thank you for taking the time to visit “Shop with Pippa”.

To contact me you can email me at:   Pippajanie@yahoo.com

With my family in Oregon!


I also have the honor being an official blogger for San Antonio Goodwill!